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With its roots in traditional folk, blues, gospel, and Celtic fiddle music, ‘American’ country music as we know it today arose as a specific style in the early 20th century.
Bluegrass and honky tonk soon became the dominant and most popular form of American country music promoted on radio stations and live entertainment venues throughout the South and then spreading around the world. Country music legend Hank Williams would later be credited with moving "country & western" music into the mainstream inspiring such other artists as Jerry Lee Lewis and early '50's rock 'n roll acts. In the 60's and 70's, country music's roots in the blues were when the genre became best known for syrupy lyrics and over-the-top song titles with many songs in the crossover between Country and Pop music.
During this period many 'classic' artists became household names throughout the world. Today, country music is being infused with rock and modern sounds – but you won’t mistake its Country roots - the music is still all about life, songs to which many of us can relate to. The Music is a genre which is long lived and continues to grow and evolve. Many of the older songs are as popular today as they ever were.
Now into its second century, country music continues to grow in sophistication and popularity — encompassing blue grass, honky tonk, soft rock, rockabilly, traditional, neo-traditional, and with crossovers to the Top 100 pop music charts.
John’s music roots come from his family’s interest and following of Country Music, some of his earliest memories are of the music played by his family and his Mum going to concerts by the likes of Buck Owens, or of his Uncle Jackie who played and sang in a popular Country Group called the 'Bar Four' in Ireland.
He is truly ‘Country’ through and through and never a pretender to the genre. As the song goes, he was Country when Country wasn’t cool, and he still is! - Country isn’t what I sing it’s what I am. 
John has been involved in the New Zealand Country Music scene for a long time - since the early 80's. As well as entertaining, John has also judged many Country Music Awards all over New Zealand including the 'NZ Entertainer of the Year' 4 times.
During the 90's John and some friends started and ran an FM Country Music Radio Station in Palmerston North - this proved popular and was a great experience. He had a break from music for a few years but is now back!
John has influences from and enjoys a wide range of artists from the early pioneers to modern day artists. His preference is for a laid back, easy listening style. He is also interested in Irish Country music, mainly owing to the fact that he originally comes from Northern Ireland.
A friendly person, with a great sense of humour, you will enjoy his company and his entertainment! For booking as guest artist send an email (see the contacts section)
or call 027 2903 103

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Link to my Facebook Fan Page

Link to here and see what up on Facebook!

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Support me and buy this MPS from CDBABY - Go get this!!
These are my mountains - Irish Country Song

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Upload: Irish Artists List Artist/Song - for ICMR show
Irish Artists List Artist/Song
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Irish Artists List Artist/Song
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New Album out - 'Hometown'
New Album out - 'Hometown' - a good easy listening Country Album

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Don't Cry Daddy - YouTube
Dont Cry Daddy - the Old Elvis song - John's Version on YouTube - click here!
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Whos Sorry Now YouTube

Whos Sorry Now YouTube: Click here to go there!

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Just a Country Man released
John's first album has been released - 'Just a Country Man'. A few of his favourties and probably your's too!

To get one email for details - $20 plus 2.50 postage and a signed copy will go your way (within NZ - might be more for overseas postage).

Track list:

1. Devil Woman 3:02
2. Fool Such As I 2:46 (
3. Folsom Prison Blues 3:02
4. Nobody's Darling 2:56
5. On The Other Hand 3:06
6. King of The Road 3:44
7. She's Not You 2:06
8. Margaritaville 4:10
9. Green Green Grass of Home 3:34
10 Who's Sorry Now 2:16
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